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    Back-to-school, routines…oh my! (free printable)

    Summer is about over in our house! It seems we may be starting school a bit later than most schools. Back-to-school means a lot of things but one of them is getting back into routines! It kind of stresses me out, in a “will my kids really hate getting back to routine?!” kind of way! But as most of you know, kids LOVE routine! A bit before bed I made this printable, printed it and I am about to laminate it. It’s so fun when your printable is hot off the presses! Do you have a laminator? I love mine so much! I don’t get it out every day or…

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    Hacking school supplies — plan ahead

    This is a post for all you moms out there who want to save on school supplies! I had FOUR children in elementary school this year. That means I had to buy four children school supplies! I did not do myself any favors in that area, let me tell you! It was EXPENSIVE! I was actually pretty shocked. I really didn’t think it would be all that bad. We moved from Utah, the schools provide all the school supplies for the children where we lived and the teachers would ask for donations occasionally (which I was happy to provide.) When we moved to Idaho, I had no idea the expense…