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    Vegan {dairy and egg-free} Pumpkin Pie

    This is seriously the best pumpkin pie you will ever make! My family devoured it and had no idea it was dairy-free and egg-free! If you are looking for an amazing pie that is plant-based for an event or holiday…this is it! Pumpkin pie is one of my family’s favorite desserts and I am so happy that we were able to enjoy it this Thanksgiving! TEXTURE: I use JUST Egg and canned coconut milk in this recipe along with cornstarch and it creates the perfect creamy consistency! It’s a dream to cut and eat! SPICE: I LOVE to use spices in my recipes! Feel free to add more or less…

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    Back-to-school, routines…oh my! (free printable)

    Summer is about over in our house! It seems we may be starting school a bit later than most schools. Back-to-school means a lot of things but one of them is getting back into routines! It kind of stresses me out, in a “will my kids really hate getting back to routine?!” kind of way! But as most of you know, kids LOVE routine! A bit before bed I made this printable, printed it and I am about to laminate it. It’s so fun when your printable is hot off the presses! Do you have a laminator? I love mine so much! I don’t get it out every day or…

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    Happy Father’s Day!

    Fathers are SO important! It’s a great time of year to show our appreciation and love for all the dads in our life! We don’t drink alcohol in our home but we live ginger beer and root beer! This was super easy and fun craft! We used: 1 case of ginger/root beer glue dots to secure roses and also paper to case 4 sheets of green tissue paper 2 sheets blank paper, water colors to paint green, cut to fit case of ginger beer 2 sheets pink (or any color) paper, cut in half, then cut into oval/circle spirals That’s it! How fun, easy and special! I hope everyone has…

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    Spring garden tour on a rainy day

    I love gardening! Although I am definitely not an expert, it’s something that I love to do. I really love perennials. In the past, I would plant a lot of annuals because wherever we have lived, there has always been an area for it. This is our first spring in our new home and there isn’t a place at the moment for annuals. But that’s okay! Perennials are awesome and it’s so fun seeing them return every year. Here is a peony that I bought at Costco (of all places), almost ready to bloom: Last fall, I planted 4 peony plants. This spring, I planted two more. I might not…

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    Vegan Hot Chocolate {made with vegan marshmallows}

    This recipe is for all the vegans out there! If you just want a delicious cup of dairy-free hot chocolate, substitute the vegan marshmallows with regular marshmallows! Wintertime. Nighttime. Anytime. Hot chocolate is my jam! haha. We don’t let our dairy sensitivities stop us from having a good time. Serve this more marshmallows on top or with coconut whipped cream. I love that stuff!

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    Gluten-free, vegan soft pretzels-Part 2

    Here is part two of the soft pretzel saga! This will give you choices if you have a gluten-free flour preference. The only difference between this recipe and the recipe in part 1 is the flour! The flour I use in this recipe is different (it has different ingredients) and also has the xanthan gum incorporated. This dough is tasty, no after taste but the dough is a little harder to shape and a little bit chewier than the other recipe in part 1! Try both and pick your favorite :)! The best-looking shape and easiest shape to form for these pretzels are a simple twist. I used the excess…

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    Gluten-free, vegan soft pretzels-Part 1

    If you’re new around here, we have a number of food allergies/sensitivities in our home and I am always making and creating new things so that we can eat the yummy foods we love, without the harm. It’s a journey, not a destination, hahaha. This week, I created two soft pretzel recipes that both do not have gluten and both are vegan. The difference? The flour used! I found that this recipe had dough that was a little bit easier to work with, but it does have an after taste that I didn’t quite love. Other than that, the recipe also tastes the most like gluten soft pretzels (if you…

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    Let’s Talk Elimination Diets

    A few years ago Mr. Darcy started having some health issues that really affected him. We looked high and low for answers, many, many hospital tests, to no avail. We spent a grueling year that way, on a search for answers, through testing and our own research. Nothing. No answers. A couple of years went by where we thought nothing would ever improve and “this was life”. It was not a happy thought, but we kept going. After one random allergy appointment (which I feel was divine) we got one tiny clue, one that led us on a beautiful journey of discovery. With the new discoveries and research, we found…

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    Gluten-free, vegan cream cheese thumbprint cookies

    These cookies are an amazing treat! Who says you can’t eat amazing desserts when you have food sensitivities?! Even though there are ingredients that my family can’t have, I am determined to create recipes that are both delicious and safe for them to eat. I used our homemade plum jam (we moved into a house that had two plum trees!). Use any jam that makes your heart happy! Some Notes about the recipe: When making the indents on the top, I used a round 1 tsp measuring spoon. I barely indented the top (be careful with this step, if you make too much of an indent, the jam will leak…

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    Dairy-Free Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce {make it vegan}

    This is one of my absolute favorite sauces! It’s one of the recipes I always have the ingredients on hand for, the one that I make when I want/need to make something good but fast. You can do so much with this. You can easily make it vegan. I served this on spaghetti squash noodles, so the meal was also gluten-free. I also served it with our favorite smoked chicken (recipe coming soon!). The end result is really good! You can also serve it with pasta (I used a gluten free penne pasta here). Or you can add chicken sausage on top. The possibilities are endless! This sauce comes together…