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    No matter the season, there is beauty all around. One Saturday morning, we were feeling cooped up and a little restless. It’s been a hard year to find things to do. We love hiking in general and decided to go on a hike. There was snow all over the ground and we had a really happy time hiking a path near a river. The kids would walk a little ahead of us and build tiny snowmen to surprise us. It was really fun time and we all had smiles on our face. You would think with snow covering the ground, there would be not much else to look out outiside.…

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    Hack to keep your couch from slipping

    We moved and purchased a sectional for our main living area. The room has beautiful vinyl floors. The only problem is the rug doesn’t quite go under the entire couch. Now, if it did, we wouldn’t have a problem. The sectional couch wouldn’t slip and we (me) would all be happy. I am not about to buy a larger and more expensive rug to solve this problem when there is a much more simple (cheaper) solution. And why does it matter if the couch constantly slips out of place? If you’ve ever had a sectional, you know that the sections will disconnect when the pieces slip. It’s an annoying and…