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    Vegan {dairy and egg-free} Pumpkin Pie

    This is seriously the best pumpkin pie you will ever make! My family devoured it and had no idea it was dairy-free and egg-free! If you are looking for an amazing pie that is plant-based for an event or holiday…this is it! Pumpkin pie is one of my family’s favorite desserts and I am so happy that we were able to enjoy it this Thanksgiving! TEXTURE: I use JUST Egg and canned coconut milk in this recipe along with cornstarch and it creates the perfect creamy consistency! It’s a dream to cut and eat! SPICE: I LOVE to use spices in my recipes! Feel free to add more or less…

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    Gluten-free, vegan cream cheese thumbprint cookies

    These cookies are an amazing treat! Who says you can’t eat amazing desserts when you have food sensitivities?! Even though there are ingredients that my family can’t have, I am determined to create recipes that are both delicious and safe for them to eat. I used our homemade plum jam (we moved into a house that had two plum trees!). Use any jam that makes your heart happy! Some Notes about the recipe: When making the indents on the top, I used a round 1 tsp measuring spoon. I barely indented the top (be careful with this step, if you make too much of an indent, the jam will leak…

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    Gluten-free, Vegan Bread-Pudding Recipe

    This is the most tempting dessert! We aren’t letting allergies stop us from having our favorites! This recipe is quick, easy and one of the best things you can imagine! This is a total crowd-pleaser. If you have never tried bread-pudding, what are you waiting for?! Bread pudding was created long ago, something to make when you had stale bread that you didn’t want to waste. You don’t have to have stale bread, but if you do, this is your recipe! No need to waste a golden opportunity. Use whatever gluten-free bread load you have on hand, homemade or otherwise. I had help preparing the pudding. Kids love tearing the…