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    Misdelivered packages no more!

    Something beautiful came out of something not so beautiful.  So many of us are ordering more and more online as we stay inside during the quarantine.  Since we moved into our home a little over two years ago, we get many misdelivered packages.  At one point, I had to carry a extremely heavy package down the street to a neighbor’s house and I was like, enough is enough.  Haha.  When we bought our house, it didn’t have any house number on it.  Once upon a time (before GPS and Google Maps on phones, gasp!) I was a delivery driver for Pizza Hut.  I remember driving around and trying desperately (because…

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    ‘Tis the season for baking

    In my mind, there is never a bad time for baking.  Baking for me is just my happy place.  I am always on the hunt for new recipes.  I am a sucker for all the posts that start off with, “the best [blank] recipe.  I love baking and basically anything in the kitchen.  I have approximately 3,341 kinds of flour.  Not really, but it sometimes feels that way.  I have a pantry renovation in mind for the future but for now I have been reorganizing the pantry.  I will have a post with pictures, because before and after pictures are so fun!  For now, I am working on transferring my…