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Misdelivered packages no more!

Something beautiful came out of something not so beautiful.  So many of us are ordering more and more online as we stay inside during the quarantine.  Since we moved into our home a little over two years ago, we get many misdelivered packages.  At one point, I had to carry a extremely heavy package down the street to a neighbor’s house and I was like, enough is enough.  Haha.  When we bought our house, it didn’t have any house number on it.  Once upon a time (before GPS and Google Maps on phones, gasp!) I was a delivery driver for Pizza Hut.  I remember driving around and trying desperately (because they are hard to see in the dark most of the time) to see the numbers on houses so that I made sure I delivered to the right address.  I know things are different now with GPS but it can still be difficult for delivery drivers to find houses, as the misdeliveries to my door indicate.  

Here’s where the something beautiful comes in.  I found these gorgeous numbers (the font is swoon worthy) and I love them!  My husband installed them using a masonry drill bit and some weatherproof caulking. We used this kind because it gives a good hold right away, although I would hold it in place as needed to let it set. (Don’t forget a caulk gun! You can tape the numbers to the house until it’s dry to ensure they don’t move around.  One thing to note, you want to make sure you check the size of the bit you need before buying.  The size of the bit will be determined by the numbers you buy.  

When we installed the numbers, we used the templates that come with the numbers, taped them together in a line how we wanted them to go on the house.  Next, we taped the template to the house and drilled the holes with the masonry bit.  We then removed the template and my husband put just enough caulk into the hole, one number at a time and inserted the number.  The numbers come with two different options, floating or flush.  Floating is what we chose.  It leaves the numbers lifted from the house.  I really like that look but flush (right up against the house would be good too).  You can see the directions in the instructions for all that jazz.   

I love how this project turned out!  I seriously geek out over it everytime I go outside.  And we HAVE NOT HAD ONE MISDELIVERED package since! That is a win for sure!  

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