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‘Tis the season for baking

In my mind, there is never a bad time for baking.  Baking for me is just my happy place.  I am always on the hunt for new recipes.  I am a sucker for all the posts that start off with, “the best [blank] recipe.  I love baking and basically anything in the kitchen.  I have approximately 3,341 kinds of flour.  Not really, but it sometimes feels that way.  I have a pantry renovation in mind for the future but for now I have been reorganizing the pantry.  I will have a post with pictures, because before and after pictures are so fun!  For now, I am working on transferring my many different kinds of flour into new containers.  I found this OXO Pop Container baking set  and I am obsessed!  I also bought a bulk set, because I love baking so much, I love to have a lot of supplies on hand and I usually buy in bulk.  What first caught my eye about these containers, because let’s face it, there are many nice containers on the market, is that the bottom of the lids have a place where you can store food scoops and other accessories.  My favorite accessory is this brown sugar saver! I bought a big bag of brown sugar from Costco and a large OXO container with the brown sugar saver is just the thing I needed.  When I got the baking set, it came with the brown sugar saver.  I soaked it in water for 15 minutes, dried it off with a paper towel and slide it onto the bottom of the lid.  Putting brown sugar in a Ziploc is the easiest way to prevent the sugar from getting hard, but I don’t like having several Ziploc bags in my pantry.  It’s harder to organize my small space and it doesn’t *look* very organized.  I love the look of an organized pantry, it just makes me happy.  My absolute favorite part of this whole process is the labels.  Chalkboard labels are so fun, and I love that this package I got had a small tipped chalkboard marker.  It made writing a neat label much easier for me [which I sometimes struggle with, especially with a wider marker]. 

After I organized my flours I made a new [to me] recipe from Smitten Kitchen, blueberry muffins!Let me tell you, you should totally make up a batch!  You will **not** regret it!  Happy baking!

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