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    Beet Juice Red Velvet Cupcakes

    We have a birthday party today and I wanted to whip up some red velvet cupcakes. But, I had no beetroot powder or red food coloring! I am always kind of shocked at how much red food coloring red velvet cupcakes take, so I was somewhat happy that I didn’t have any on hand. I made up this recipe and the cupcakes turned out pretty good! I really love how the color turned out, but it’s not the traditional bright red that is usually associated with red velvet. I love the natural-looking color better but if you want a deeper red, try adding some red gel food coloring. The recipe…

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    Delicious Dairy-Free {vegan} Frosting

    My family loves cake and frosted cookies, but we are dairy-free. My family LOVES this vegan recipe. It will harden because it is a shortening frosting. While I prefer butter in recipes because it is more natural, it’s not healthy if you have a milk intolerance. I like the flavor on its own, but add flavorings of your choice. Start with 2 teaspoons of vanilla or some other flavor. If adding flavor, make sure to do so before adjusting the thickness with the oat milk. Adding flavor at the end will give you a thinner frosting. Add more powdered sugar to thicken, more oat milk to thin. Be careful not…

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    Crowd-pleasing dairy-free sausage gravy

    Biscuits and gravy have long been a favorite in our family. When we realized that more than half of our family has a milk intolerance, one of the things we missed most was biscuits and gravy! I altered my tried and true gravy recipe and now we are back on track eating! It’s really delicious! I love that this recipe is quick and easy and really only takes 4 ingredients! I just make sure to have sausage and coconut milk or cream on my shopping list because the other ingredients are ones I always keep on hand. If you buy refrigerated biscuits or rolls, this meal is very quick!