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Christmas neighbor gifts

Every year I ponder what type of gifts to make or buy for my neighbors, my children’s teachers, and friends at church.  There have been times when I know there are several in that group that would rather not have sweet treats, so I will try to come up with something fun that won’t add to the sugar overload that sometimes happens at the Christmas season.  But, this year my love of baking got the better of me.  Who doesn’t love a good homemade cookie, though?!  
I decided that I wanted to make one of my favorite cookies, pumpkin sugar cookies((you totally have to make them!).  But it isn’t the easiest cookie to give as a present because of the frosted tops.  I decided to buy little bakery boxes from amazon.  I found the cutest little boxes with a peekaboo lid. Now, the boxes I got were a little small.  But I was ok with that.  I planned on stacking the cookies, and for larger families, I gave two boxes.  I was excited when I got them.  They were fun for my kiddos to put together.  And there were 50, so I was even able to save some for later on when I want to use them for something else.  [These ones] are bigger and so darn cute!   I also got a [pack of parchment squares] that matched so that I could stack the cookies without making a potential mess when they were opened.   I added some labels and [stickers] and voila!  A homemade Christmas gift that was very fun to give out.  My favorite part of the Christmas season is sharing the joy of giving with my children and this was just the thing for that. 

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