Let’s Talk Elimination Diets

A few years ago Mr. Darcy started having some health issues that really affected him. We looked high and low for answers, many, many hospital tests, to no avail. We spent a grueling year that way, on a search for answers, through testing and our own research. Nothing. No answers. A couple of years went by where we thought nothing would ever improve and “this was life”. It was not a happy thought, but we kept going. After one random allergy appointment (which I feel was divine) we got one tiny clue, one that led us on a beautiful journey of discovery. With the new discoveries and research, we found out about elimination diets. The words elimination diet are somewhat misleading. It’s actually not a diet, the way that most people think of it these days. It’s more a way of eating for a little while to remove all the foods that typically cause a body irritation from allergies.

sweet potatoes because Mr. Darcy cannot eat regular potatoes.

After going through the elimination process and then introducing things back into his diet, Mr. Darcy was able to finally feel some relief from a lot of his symptoms! It wasn’t a cure but it was a start. Now, many years later, I am doing my own elimination diet! Some people eat things every day that their bodies don’t necessarily like. Getting to the bottom of it and taking those things out of the diet can make a world of difference. I am constantly looking for and creating recipes that are made with ingredients that are safe for our family, that help our family feel it’s best. It’s not always easing taking loved food out of the diet but my goal is to make foods that make sure they aren’t missed! You can still eat delicious foods, even with food intolerences! If you’re interested in a detailed book that really, really helped us get back to feeling our best, here is the book that we used and followed: The Elimination Diet.

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