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Making something from nothing–Reading nook

We just moved into a new home.  I realized a space next to our stairs in the basement would be a perfect spot for a reading nook.  Having a special spot for reading in your home, however big or small, can be such a great invitation for kids to read.  I have lived in a few homes since my kids were young and we haven’t always had the “perfect spot” for a reading area.  But, I have always tried to make use of any little areas in our homes that don’t have a use.  Sometimes it’s just been a little spot in the kids’ rooms.  I hadn’t really figured out a good spot in our new home, until the day we moved in, I saw this space and realized it would be a great spot for one.  We don’t have a huge budget for a reading area, or much time for creating a reading nook right now, but I had some cubby shelves from Target and I thought they would fit perfectly in the spot for now.  They are also a great way to store all the books we have (which is a lot!).

  I love how it turned out!

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