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My absolute must-have kitchen tool

I have purchased many, many kitchen tools over the years. My husband and I were in the military when we got married. We didn’t have a big wedding where we received gifts of kitchen essentials. We started from scratch. We stocked our kitchen from a local thrift shop. There were many plastic measuring cups to choose from. I now know why, for the most part. I soon purchased many plastic measuring cups over the years. The reason why I purchased so many was because the measurements would soon be washed away or rubbed off. For some people, that might never be a problem. They will be able to look at a measuring cup and just know what size it is without reading the measurement. For me, it wasn’t so easy. I also purchased an expensive set at one point (the colors were so beautiful!) only to have the handles snap off over time! For someone who bakes often, this just wouldn’t do. I found a set of metal measuring cups at the store and there was no turning back! The engraved measurements never let me down. I know this sounds silly, but I love having cups that have a 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup in the set! I know how to measure 1/3 cup twice to make a 2/3 cup and 1/4 three times to make a 3/4 cup, of course, but who’s got time for that?! Hahaha.

I like to have several sets in a drawer in my kitchen that I have designated the “baking drawer” and it just makes me happy! I still have a few plastic measuring spoons from the “dark ages” but those will eventually make their way out. For the most part, I usually disconnect the ring that comes with measuring cups and spoons. I have one or two measuring spoons with a ring because if I am going to be baking something that uses a lot of small measurements, I like to have the whole set. I put everything in the dishwasher, and if everything was connected it would be a pain to wash the whole set if I only needed one measuring cup. Having a designated spot for measuring cups and spoons makes baking a delight! Even cooking an entire thanksgiving dinner (As I did in this the year 2020) I never ran out of measuring cups. It’s really nice not to have to hunt down anything or have to wash things in between new recipes.

If you are looking for an awesome set, “>This set includes measuring spoons as well. Hopefully Santa Claus is reading this and I have a surprise hanging from the fireplace this Christmas, haha.

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