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4 Essentials to Keep in Your Car this Winter

bottled water and a coat
  1. Kitty Litter. This might seem really odd, but if you happen to get stuck somewhere icy or in slippery snow, pouring the kitty litter around your tires is not a guarantee but might help you can some traction for your tires.
  2. Bottled water. I always keep bottled water in my car. You never know if you might get stranded and water will be essential if that happens.
  3. Coats. You might not need the coats in the car and you may not need them for where you’re going, but if you get stranded, and your car is not working (no heat) you will need your coats!
  4. A roadside kit. This kit has a lot of things in it that would be so useful in hard situations! It would make a great gift too! It has jumper cables, tow cables, a windshield scraper and so much more! This is a kit that will really save the day.

Winter weather can make driving tricky, being prepared can make things so much easier! Stay safe friends.

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