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5 {bonnet} Movies to Watch if you Love Jane Austen

1. Doctor Thorne. Let’s just say Julian Fellowes was sent straight from Heaven! I absolutely love this program. The first time I watched it, I had a newborn baby and now I think I’ve bonded with the show or something, haha. It’s such a beautiful, happy show for me that it’s definitely one of my top favorites!

2. North and South. The first time I watched this I was not a fan. Many years went by and I watched it again and wondered what I had been thinking. I love this show and if you don’t swoon over Richard Armitage’s smoldering looks in this one, I don’t know who you are!

3. Persuasion. This version is. the. BEST! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen it, seriously. Ok, maybe not that extreme but can you tell how much I love this movie?! A LOT!

4. Pride and Prejudice. If you love Jane Austen, you MUST watch this version. In my opinion, it’s the only version haha. The acting is amazing and I feel like the story cannot be told in 1.5 hours!

5. Sanditon. This is a take on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. I am still holding onto hope they will come back for season 2 on this one! It’s an absolutely great start, it needs an ending. Austen lovers unite and let’s rally to bring season 2! #savesanditon !

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