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    No white sugar added {vegan} hot chocolate recipe

    This post contains affiliate links, if you buy something, there is no cost to you, but I will earn a tiny commission. I only share products that I actually use and love. Thanks! I literally make this for myself every day. Every. Day. It doesn’t taste exactly like traditional hot chocolate, there is no sugar in this recipe! I try to eat low sugar and carbs for health reasons, but I LOVE hot chocolate and I was so sad without it. That is why this recipe was born. I personally don’t love the taste of artificial sweeteners, and I have tried many. I use almond milk because it doesn’t have…

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    Hacking school supplies — plan ahead

    This is a post for all you moms out there who want to save on school supplies! I had FOUR children in elementary school this year. That means I had to buy four children school supplies! I did not do myself any favors in that area, let me tell you! It was EXPENSIVE! I was actually pretty shocked. I really didn’t think it would be all that bad. We moved from Utah, the schools provide all the school supplies for the children where we lived and the teachers would ask for donations occasionally (which I was happy to provide.) When we moved to Idaho, I had no idea the expense…

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    Dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free fried chicken recipe

    We have a lot of food sensitivities around here, we just roll with it! When you want a piece of fried chicken, what’s a girl with a bunch of food sensitivities to do?! Make it, of course, haha. I am sure there are recipes out there, but this is one I made using what I had in my pantry and it turned out yummy. I spent my early years in the south, so I guess it’s an instinct that I use a cast-iron skillet and Crisco to fry things, haha. I use this thermometer to make sure the chicken is up to the correct temperature, but not overdone! Seriously, one…

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    3 Must-Watch Period Dramas

    1. Downton Abbey. This has been around for a while. I can still remember when it came out. It an excellent period drama and there is even a movie! It’s so fun to get a glimpse into the different social classes of the age and see how times changed during that period of time. Julian Fellowes, the creator, is a master! 2. Belgravia. This is a newer period drama from Julian Fellowes. It will grab your attention from the very first episode. There is mystery and romance, what more can a girl ask for?! It is a very entertaining period drama that you will definitely want to check out! I…

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    My Favorite Above Cabinet Wreath

    This wreath is gorgeous. It would look good just about anywhere! Here is a link! This is not sponsored and is not an affiliate link. I just love this wreath! If you love the sign below the wreath, check out my tutorial on how to make it! Just look at it! It’s beautiful! It’s the right size and so versatile! You can put it in so many places around the house. It would look amazing above a pantry! Here is where we had it in our previous home: If you want to know more about that beautiful brick backsplash, check out how we did it in this post. This wreath…

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    4 More Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Eat

    Getting picky eaters to try new foods is no easy feat! What works one time might not always work. It can take time and you can’t give up! Giving kids a good foundation in nutrition will benefit them their whole lives. It can save them a lot from a lot of bad things that come with health problems in the future. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. So, here are some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way to add to my other post 5 ways to get picky eaters to eat! 1. Small Portions! This small but simple…

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    DIY Valentine’s Day Farmhouse Sign

    I love decorating for Valentine’s Day and Farmhouse decor! Rustic looking wood signs are my favorite. I looked for a cute sign for above my stove but I couldn’t find one. What’s a girl to do?! Make one, course! Here is a rundown of how I did it in case you want to make one for yourself (and why wouldn’t you?) Equipment: Vinyl cutting machine (I use the Cricut Explore Air 2 and I have LOVED it) Table saw (to cut the board and side pieces, you can also ask it to be cut to the size you want at Home Depot or Lowes) Clamps (for clamping the sides while…

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    Valentine’s Day tree decorations

    I never would have thought I would have a Valentine’s Day tree! But here we are, the years of 2020/2021! We need some cheering up. So, introducing, our Valentine’s Day tree! I love decorating for Valentine’s Day and we are always sad when the Christmas tree gets put away every year, so we will enjoy this festive creation! The garland is something I got at Pottery Barn years ago. It says Be Mine. Here are the paints I used for painting the ornaments, they are acrylic. I got them from Target. Here is a link to the ornaments. I think they are the most darling ornaments and so versatile! You…

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    Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free breakfast casserole!

    Having an allergy sensitive household can be difficult sometimes! If you have ever been to a pot-luck, you know the ones where you bring a breakfast casserole or some other dish that is full of butter or cheese, you know how hard it can be! Or, if you want to make a nice hardy meal in the morning quickly, put it in the oven while you get ready, and pop it out of the oven and have a delicious, filling meal, it can be tricky if you have a lot of food sensitivities to think about! My favorite way to serve this meal is…at dinner! Really, it’s a great recipe…

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    Frozen outside, cozy inside

    It’s been an icy and cold winter here in Idaho. I love it in many ways! The trees have a beautiful frost and there is frozen fog in the air. It’s gorgeous! But, it makes me feel incredibly grateful that I have a nice cozy home to go inside. Tonight is a perfect night for some cozy chili! Have you tried my recipe yet? It’s gorgeous It’s cold It’s home.